August classes – Pilates and ballet

Some more adult ballet classes for Tuesday evenings in August, with a Pilates session beforehand.  Taught by Laura Addison of Oxford City School of Dance…Laura writes:

Hello everyone,

I am going to put an adult Pilates and ballet class in on Tuesday evenings over the summer to keep all our brains and bodies working…

It will be every Tuesday of August:  7th,14th, 21st and 28th

St Matthew’s Church Hall, Marlborough road, off the Abingdon Road near Folly Bridge. OX1 4LW.
7:30-9pm Adult ballet

Mixed groups and abilities welcome for all these classes as it is a summer class and drop in only. I’ll work to who’s there but also try to make sure it’s diverse enough to challenge those at the top end of the class and be enjoyable for those with less experience too.

£9 for pilates and £10 for ballet (Student discounts apply).   £15 to do both if you’d like to do a proper Pilates warm up.

Let me know if you’re interested and thinking of coming.

Looking forward to seeing you over the summer or in September if I don”t see you until then.


Laura Addison
Principal of Oxford City School of Dance
BA(Hons)BE, RADrts, LRAD, ARAD, Qualified Pilates Teacher.

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