Olympic fall-out online and on radio…

Hope you enjoyed the spectacular athletic achievements on display in the Olympics.  I did – until I heard David Cameron’s disparaging comments about Indian dance classes in schools last Friday, at which point my blood pressure rose…


You may like to read my response to this here:


Please feel free to comment on Oxford Dance Writers, however briefly, as to what effect you think the Olympic legacy will or should have for dance – for example, whether dance should be taught as an art or as physical education? – and on David Cameron’s (or for that matter Boris Johnson’s) prescriptions for sports in the school curriculum.

On Radio Oxford lively debate about the Olympic legacy has looked not only at the pros and cons of competitive sports in schools but also at increasing adult participation in sport and exercise; I was invited to discuss this on Bill Heine’s programme on Sunday morning, and this morning joined Phil Gayle’s survey of how to keep fit after the age of 50, promoting the virtues of ballet for adults…


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  1. Susanna said:

    There was a really good Olympic History exhibition on at the Royal Opera House to go alongside the Games, which had a nice opportunity to combine the Olympics with a dance setting. We need to make sure that the legacy of the games includes all forms of movement and dance is of particular importance in attracting women and girls into physical activity.

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