Exploring ballet principles – two workshops

There is no 12.00-2.00pm contemporary class this coming Monday 29th October at URC, but  I will be teaching the next two sessions on 5th and 12th November on a theme of exploring balletic principles.  This will be more of a workshop than a conventional ballet class, looking at some of the underlying ideas and aesthetic of classical ballet, providing an opportunity to articulate, question and discuss some of the concepts which often remain unspoken; although we will also go through the class structure and look at how the dance develops.  I do hope that those who are not regular practitioners of ballet may find this useful and of interest.  This is a new venture, and feedback on these classes as an idea and a format will be greatly appreciated.

There will be no class on Monday 19th November because of the DEC Drawing Dance workshop, but the plan is to fit in another batch of classes before Christmas – details to come shortly.


  1. Maggie said:

    It would be brilliant if there could be a blog post after each class, for those of us that can’t attend!

  2. Thank you for this idea, I will try to write after these sessions and encourage those attending to post any comments…

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