Next term class dates – and Christmas Greetings

Now that the holidays are upon us, a brief note to confirm the start date for ballet classes at URC next term…
Classes will resume with the normal schedule starting from Monday 7th January, so first Saturday classes will be on 12th January.  However, a couple of dates to take note of and put in those lovely new diaries now; there will be no classes on Saturdays 26th January and 9th March because of examinations in the Hall.

A note about Monday evening classes; the plan for next term is that these should be slightly simpler, more intermediate level than advanced, to give dancers a chance to really grasp and master some fundamental elements of ballet vocabulary before they are combined in more complex phrases.  I hope you will all find this helpful and that it will contribute to your enjoyment of the dancing; and I would welcome any requests as to things people might particularly like to focus on.  There will of course be more complicated options available for those who would relish more of a challenge…

Till then, hoping you all enjoy a very Merry Christmas, and wishing you all the best for 2013!

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