Looking forward to 2013…

It’s that day in the calendar to take stock, so sitting here looking out at the rain and hoping that the year ahead will be less waterlogged than 2012… A year of ups and downs – my artistic highlights dancing with wonderful colleagues in Late Work and Dancing the Invisible and the fantastical and ever developing work with the DEC group, planning to blossom into performance in 2013.  Online, Oxford Dance Writers gathers strength and readership – please visit and contribute! – and hoping this new blog will soon have more to report.  Increased online and video activity has highlighted the pressing need for technological upgrades, and corresponding skills – a new year resolution must be to grasp this nettle.

These are hard times for the arts, affected by funding cuts on all sides, and battling to maintain a central place in education.  So join me in celebrating the affirmative work of the Exuberant Trust  embarking on its 10th anniversary year – the Oxfordshire charity supporting young people’s aspirations in the arts.  A wonderful recital by pianist Tom Poster in November raised funds for further grants, supplemented by generous contributions at the Deddington Christmas Concert by local choir Choros in December, and a new programme of Music at the Limes concerts begins in January.  Spread the word to assist us in reaching those who may need a helping hand as they progress.

Encouraging too to see how many are finding enjoyment and exhilaration in the holistic hard work and concentration of the ballet classes at URC.  I was proud to be able to show off the impressive achievements of more advanced students at the recent open class.  Hoping to bring some fresh approaches and a guest teacher or two in the spring, and to continue the richly stimulating and varied stream of Monday contemporary classes led by Oxford based practitioners.

Looking forward to continuing exploration of ballet as a mature dancer in 2013 with further performances of Late Work with Jennifer Jackson and inspiring musicians Malcolm Atkins and Andrew Melvin, and collaborating on a conference paper about it with Jennifer for Paris in June; but also about to start on a small but hopefully exquisite creative project with talented young cellist Jonathan Rees on the viola da gamba… More about this to follow – soon!

Wishing you all much “joie de la danse” in 2013,


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