Monday contemporary classes with Marina Collard

Classes at URC resume on Monday 7th January, and what better way to kick off 2013 than with a series of contemporary classes with Marina Collard, who has recently joined the Oxford dance community, and brings a wealth of experience as a fine dancer and creative independent artist, having danced with leading contemporary companies and much in demand for teaching.  Marina will be teaching 4 classes aimed at dancers with experience at the usual time of 12.00-2.00pm on the following days:
7th, 14th, 28th January, 4th February.

About Marina: Marina Collard has performed with Carol Brown Dances, Cando Co, Siobhan Davies Dance Company, Dog Kennel Hill Project, Ersatz Dance Company and Joe Moran among others.
As a dance maker, Marina has an ongoing creative partnership with film maker Tom Paine.
Marina continues to teach professional class and company class both nationally and internationally as well as at Laban and LCDS.

Marina writes: “The class begins with a slow exploration of the breath, the midline leading to finding connection through the whole skeletal system. In bringing the whole body into a state of awareness, we continue this exploration in moving. The class has a very clear sense of progression through set exercises which eventually lead to more complex material. This material is articulate, detailed and encourages the dancer to listen to their own sense of weight in the moment of moving and to be playful with their musicality.”

A great opportunity, not to be missed!  Please pass the word to colleagues who may wish to take advantage of this; price remains at £8 per class for dancers, and as usual the classes are open to artists who would like to sketch for a contribution of £5.

Please note that there is no class on 21st January because of the Drawing Dance Workshop which will be running 12.30-4.30pm.  There are still places available for artists on this workshop, so if you are interested please contact Kassandra Isaacson:
or Susie:
for further information and to reserve a place.

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