Cafe Reason Butoh classes

For those of you wanting to engage with a different approach to expressive movement, and enrich your dancing with something new and thought-provoking, Ana Barbour has sent information about Cafe Reason’s current programme of Friday night classes at East Oxford Community Centre, taught by established local artists:

Cafe Reason Butoh Dance Theatre offers weekly open classes; no previous experience or particular level of fitness is necessary.  We also welcome dance and performing arts practitioners, as well as visual artists and musicians.  Classes are often accompanied by live music.

Curiosity (and a sense of wonder) is at the heart of butoh.  Butoh practice is for those who want to rediscover their bodies and find new ways to inhabit their physical presence, both in performance and in everyday life.

Participants will explore techniques and exercises to enhance their sensory awareness, stage presence, improvisation skills, and body-mind focus, as well as developing physical strength, control and flexibility.  Our teachers have long-term experience in practicing and performing butoh, and have developed their own unique approaches to butoh training.”

Find out more about class content and teachers here:

Or contact Ana:

Tel:  01608 683270

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