Monday contemporary classes resume with Lizzy Le Quesne

Delighted to announce that Lizzy Le Quesne will be teaching an autumn series of Monday contemporary classes at URC on the following dates:

7th, 14th, 21st October, 4th, 11th November 11.00am-1.00pm

The classes will provide an introduction to Skinner Releasing Technique.  Cost will be £10 per class pay as you go, or £40 for those prepared to book all five in advance.  Don’t miss this important opportunity to find out about and engage with this pioneering technical approach, working with an experienced and insightful practitioner.

You can find more details about the classes, the level and how to book here:

Lizzy Le Quesne has over 20 years experience of performing and making dance, and facilitating creative process. Alongside creating her own interdisciplinary performances for galleries and specific sites internationally, she has danced with Ricochet Dance Productions, Wally Cardona, Rosemary Lee and many others. Lizzy is a dedicated teacher and practitioner of Skinner Releasing Technique, which is based on the simple principle that we can move more fully and effectively when we let go of hidden holding patterns in the body. She has taught at universities and conservatoires in the UK and Prague, and writes for several arts publications. Lizzy believes in dance in the broadest sense as a creative, embodied, social and political art form.

SRT profile:

See you there!


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