Collective Contemporary Class with Marina Collard Monday 27th October

Delighted to welcome back distinguished Oxford based dancer Marina Collard to teach another of her thoughtful and inspiring classes for the Collective Contemporary Class series at URC on Monday 27th October 10.00-11.30pm.

Marina writes:  The class begins by allowing time to tune in to the body and the breath. Attention will be paid to the midline leading to finding connection through the whole skeletal system and connective tissue system. In bringing the whole body into a state of awareness, we continue this exploration in moving gradually into complex material. The class has a clear progression, encouraging the dancer to listen to their own sense of weight in the moment of moving and to be playful with their musicality.

Marina Collard

Marina Collard

Biography:  Marina Collard is an independent dance artist and teacher. She has worked for many independent choreographers and companies including Carol Brown Dances, CandoCo and Siobhan Davies Dance Company. Marina is interested in collaborating with artists from different disciplines and has a long-term creative partnership with film maker Tom Paine. She is currently collaborating with photographer Rachel Cherry and writer Gemma Seltzer and recently worked with ceramicist Clare Twomey.

Marina has extensive teaching experience delivering company class and professional class both nationally and internationally. She regularly teaches at London Contemporary Dance School and Trinity Laban where she has also created works for 3rd year touring companies. Marina will be mentoring on a choreographic residency at Gati Dance in Delhi this summer.

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