Sarah Hyams to teach CCC class Monday 1st June 2015

Delighted to welcome Sarah Hyams to teach a one off Afro-Brazilian class for the CCC programme on Monday 1st June, 10.00-11.30am at Summertown United Reformed Church Hall.  Don’t miss this chance to enjoy the rhythms and movements of Afro-Brazilian ceremonial and street dances, and sample a different and infectious way of feeling and experiencing movement. Sarah’s classes are a journey from traditional ceremonial dance forms celebrating the archetypes of Afro-Brazilian elemental gods, moving into more up-beat street and circle dances. Sarah brings an embodied approach to moving with the elements and archetypes as well as technique on the Afro-Brazilian dance form.

Sarah Hyams

Sarah Hyams

Sarah writes:

In the class we will…
Stretch and dive into Oxum’s waters (Freshwater goddess of love abundance and sensuality)
Embody the strength and dignity of Afoxe (ceremonial dance taken to the streets and outside ceremonial spaces)
Get down to the dynamic rhythms of Samba Reggae
Celebrate in the sensuality and playfulness of Samba de Roda (roots samba danced in a circle)

About Sarah:

Sarah has taught Afro-Brazilian dance for many years, in schools, community groups and at festivals as well as with samba groups in Oxford and Cornwall. With a passion for the roots of Afro-Brazilian dance, Sarah explores the culture, stories, traditions and power that lie in the rythms, song and dances.  She has performed and paraded in many carnivals and festivals in the UK including Notting Hill. She has learnt from great teachers both in the UK and in Brazil; Mariana Pinho (WOMAD, Tribe of Doris), Rosangela Silvestre and the great late Agosto Omolu.
She is currently training in non- stylised environmental movement practice with Helen Poynor and is bringing the elemental and embodied nature of the practice into the context of Afro-Brazilian dance.

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