Monthly Archives: January 2022

Here follows an account of BiSS activity for 2021.  Apologies for a long post – in the end it proved a full and busy year!  Do hover over names and titles to find embedded links to further information. Special thanks to Maggie Watson for her insightful reviews and reports of events and performances over this year for Oxford Dance Writers, some of which are referred and linked to in this piece.

Beginning the year once more in Covid lockdown meant that teaching continued online from my kitchen. Classes included a weekly session for adult beginners as well as intermediate and advanced classes, occasional Wednesday classes for the Tully Collective, and for a period weekly company classes for Yorke Dance, maintaining professional practice at home.  Dancers attended classes not only from Oxford but also from London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Sicily, Athens, Berlin and even Egypt and Australia; an unexpected bonus of teaching online.

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