Open Saturday class at URC 1st December 2012 - sketch by Peter Street

Open Saturday class at URC 1st December 2012 – sketch by Peter Street

Since March 2020 because of the coronavirus lockdown it has sadly been impossible to hold live ballet classes.  However some classes are continuing online via Zoom; please check the regular blogposts for updates on the schedule, and email Susie at with any queries or to request class invitations. As yet there is no news of when dance studios may open again, so Zoom classes are likely to be continuing into autumn 2020 following a brief August break.

Susie Crow currently teaches non-syllabus ballet classes at a range of levels in Oxford.  All classes are held at the United Reformed Church Hall, 294A Banbury Road, Summertown (opposite South Parade and Radio Oxford), Oxford OX2 7HN.  This was refurbished in 2011 and has a sprung Harlequin dance floor.


10.00-11.30am   Advanced class for dance professionals, senior students and adults with experience.  £10 per class, 10th class free for regular attenders.

11.451m-12.15pm  Optional pointe work for those who have attended the preceding class, and who dance regularly.  £4 extra.


Oxford Academy of Dance (OAD) classes, now taught by the meticulous and inspiring Ségolène Tarte, comprise an adult Beginners/improvers’ class 6.15-7.30pm and an Intermediate/free work class 7.30-9.00pm, thus potentially a great opportunity for those of you at these levels who are interested in doing another weekly class. Price £10 per class pay as you go, or you have the option to make a one-off payment of £90 for the 10 lessons of the term. Please contact Paula Natrass about this:
Phone: 07913 995963


10.00-11.15am   Adult Beginners’ ballet for complete beginners or those with some experience returning to class after absence.  £10 per class, £8 for students,10th class free for regular attenders.

11.30am-1.00pm  Intermediate/Advanced class with the emphasis on enjoyable dancing to end the week.  £10 per class, 10th class free for regular attenders.

1.15-1.45pm  Optional pointe work for those who have attended the preceding class, and who dance regularly.  £4 extra.


10.00-11.30am   Contemporary dance class, taught by established Oxford based teachers in a range of styles and aimed at dance professionals and students and adults with experience.  These classes have been programmed by Rachel Gildea and myself as Collective Contemporary Class; they are professional level class for experienced dancers in Oxford, aimed at sustaining the local dance community and sharing practice.  Teachers to date have included Joëlle Pappas, Lizie Gireaudau, John Darvell, Ana Barbour, Lucia Walker, Miranda Tufnell, Flavia Coube, Marina Collard, Lizzy Le Quesne, Cecilia Macfarlane and Fiona Millward.  If you are interested in attending these classes please contact Susie to ensure you receive specific updates on the schedule and teachers; information will be posted here and on the CCC Facebook page.  £10 per class, pay as you go.  These classes are not currently running but given sufficient interest may resume.

4.15-5.30pm  Adult Beginners’s ballet class; an alternative to Saturday’s class or a supplement for those who would like to do class more often.  £10 per class, £8 for students,10th class free for regular attenders.

5.45-7.15pm  Intermediate ballet class.  This provides opportunities to study particular steps in simple enchainements, with a chance for technical analysis.  Options for elaboration are provided for more advanced dancers.  £10 per class, 10th class free for regular attenders.

The student term card offers 8 classes for £60 to be taken within a particular term.  Students can use this for Thursday morning, Saturday Intermediate/Advanced, and Monday Intermediate classes.

Artists are welcome to come and draw dance classes on Mondays or Thursdays for a contribution of £8. Those interested should contact Susie Crow as places are limited.

Private classes can sometimes be arranged.

Dress code:  There is no uniform for these classes.  If you are attending as a complete beginner and wondering what you should wear, find something comfortable but not too baggy that you can move freely in; leggings with a fitted T shirt or tunic would be fine.  It helps if the teacher can see your ankles, so preferably not wide-bottomed yoga pants.  You can buy canvas ballet slippers from local dancewear store Dance Evolution in Kidlington; but a pair of snug fitting pair of thick cotton sports socks would do fine to begin with.  Bare feet are not advisable.

Term dates and any schedule changes are posted on this blog.  For further details and to receive schedule updates and information about related dance activities by email please contact Susie:               

Tel:  01865 557098

  1. Youho Han said:

    Thank you so much for the informations. I think I can take intermediate&advanced class though. I am looking forward to it. My day time schedules are all full. so Friday, Saturday and Monday’s intermediate classes might be okay for me. so could I go there at that time and take classes after payments right before it starts?

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