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Delighted to notify you that Roosa Leimu-Brown returns to teach another of her lovely contemporary classes, full of dancing movement and exhilarating combinations, for Monday 8th June Collective Contemporary Class, 10.00-11.30am at URC.  If you have not been to one of her classes before, you can find out about Roosa here.  And as always follow updates about the Collective Contemporary Class series on the CCC Facebook page here.

But sad to have also to notify you that there will be no Monday ballet classes on 8th June; I am away on a course this week and have been unable to organise coverage.  Apologies.  However, delighted to report that Ségolène Tarte will be teaching advanced ballet class on Thursday 11th June morning 10.00-11.30am; and also on Friday 12th evening for Oxford Academy of Dance at URC as follows:

5.30-7.00pm  Intermediate

7.00-8.15pm  Intermediate/Advanced

You can find out more about Ségolène’s experience and stylish thought-provoking classes here.  Lesley Tunstall has left Oxford, so Ségolène and I will be covering these Friday classes for the rest of this term.  Drop-in cost per Friday class is £10.  We look forward to seeing some of you there!

I will be back teaching as normal on Saturday 13th June.


2015 set to start strongly as we launch into a new series of Collective Contemporary Class for experienced dancers on Monday mornings (10.00-11.30am) at URC.  First CCC class of the year is Monday 5th January, taught by Roosa Leimu-Brown who will also be teaching on the following Monday 12th January.  Only the beginning of an exciting spring term programme; you can find further details on the CCC Facebook page here.  Don’t miss out, put these enriching Monday morning gatherings in your schedule now!


Very good to be able to announce a further couple of stimulating classes in the CCC series to take us into the Christmas season.  We welcome Roosa Leimu-Brown, now resident and teaching in Oxford, bringing impressive European dance training and performing credentials, as well as experience of yoga.  Roosa will be teaching the Monday morning classes 10.00-11.30am on 1st and 8th December at URC.

Roosa Leimu-Brown

Roosa Leimu-Brown

Roosa Leimu-Brown started dancing at age 3 and trained at Helsinki Dance Institute and the Swedish Royal Ballet School in a variety of styles including ballet, contemporary dance, flamenco and jazz.  After dancing with the Swedish Royal Ballet Roosa became a professional research biologist, whilst continuing dancing with various contemporary dance teachers and training in and teaching yoga.  She currenly teaches contemporary dance and yoga in Oxford.

Roosa will be offering two energetic classes that combine technique and creative movement inspired by music.  The purpose of her class is the joy of movement…

See you there!