Here are some links to video clips and footage of Ballet in Small Spaces projects and related work…

DANSOX (Dance Scholarship Oxford) final lecture demonstration on the reconstruction of Playground from Kenneth MacMillan: Making Dance Beyond the Boundaries symposium 16th March 2019, with Susie Crow, Yolande Yorke-Edgell, Stephen Wicks and dancers of Yorke Dance Project

Sonia York-Pryce’s prize winning short film Interprète/Inappropriate Behaviour 2015 was a compilation of improvisations on a theme by 8 mature professional dancers from the UK and Australia.  Watch Susie’s improvisation here: – Susie Crow

And Sonia’s final compilation here:


Two old instruments 2014

Two short extracts from this collaboration between Susie and viola da gamba player Jonathan Rees responding to the the music of 18th century virtuoso Carl Friedrich Abel were filmed by Chris Atkins in March at Brazier’s Park and are now up on YouTube:

Strong Women


You can also find videos by Chris Atkins of extracts from Two old instruments in performance at St Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch on 27th April here:

Strong Women

Adagio: just a little longer…


Ballet in Small Spaces 2011 tour

With live performance footage filmed at the Castle Arts Centre Wellingborough by Finn Burrows and edited by Chris Atkins, here are videos of excerpts of Susie’s ballets Inside Out, set to Alan Bush’s 24 Preludes for Piano and Commedia, based on an idea of Sebastian Graham-Jones:


Dancing the Invisible and Late Work

Two short promos by Jane East from Jennifer Jackson’s mature dancers’ project at University of Surrey.  These works were premiered in May 2012 at the Ivy Arts Centre on the university campus in Guildford.

Dancing the Invisible

Late Work


DEC Project Oxford on video

A short promotional video by the talented Chris Atkins of the group’s recent Luminous Shadows performance at the Old Fire Station on May 23rd 2013:

Pete Green’s video of DEC’s performance at the Oxford Improvisers’ Cohesion Festival 2011 at the Pegasus Theatre:

Pete Green has edited two short clips of footage from DEC’s residency at OVADA in 2010; you can find them on the DEC site here:

Three Improvisations and After Prospero

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