End of Summer Term ballet class schedule

Blazing July is upon us and the end of term looms… It is also the season for summer fetes and fairs, and URC is no exception; their Summer Fete is scheduled for Saturday 11th July, and consequently there can be no ballet classes that day or on the Friday 10th evening before.  However some ballet classes will continue beyond that; see below for clarification of the last remaining classes of this term:

Friday 3rd July:  Oxford Academy of Dance classes as usual, this week taught by Susie.  5.30-7.00pm Intermediate including pointework, 7.00-8.15pm Intermediate/Advanced

Saturday 4th July:  10.00-11.15am Adult beginners’ ballet, 11.30am-1.00pm Intermediate/Advanced

Monday 6th July:  4.15-5.30pm Adult beginners’ ballet, 5.45-7.15pm Intermediate

Thursday 9th July:  10.00-11.30am Advanced

Friday 10th and Saturday 11th July:  No classes

Monday 13th July:  4.15-5.30pm Adult beginners’ ballet, 5.45-7.15pm Intermediate

Thursday 16th July:  10.00-11.30am Advanced

That will be the last class of this term, after which there will be a break from the usual schedule which will resume in September.  However I will be posting very shortly with full details about the summer school that I will be running with Lizie Giraudeau at URC from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th August, so put the dates in your diaries now!  And I will also post about any other classes arising over the summer period for those that wish to keep their ballet going.

If I don’t see you in class, have a lovely summer!


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